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How much ethyl maltol to add

There are two kinds of ethyl Maltol, including pure flavor and coke flavor.

Pure scent: its fruity aroma is outstanding. Adding a variety of different fruits, preserved fruit products, natural juices, various beverages, cold drinks, alcohol, dairy products, bread and pastries, soy sauce, proprietary Chinese medicines, cosmetics and various tobacco flavors, can significantly improve the flavor of fruit It inhibits the tastes of bitterness, acidity, and phlegm, and obtains the most suitable sweet and savory fruit. At the same time, it has an excellent taste. In particular, it is used to formulate various flavors and flavors of tobacco, and the cigarettes are added to make the smoke taste more mellow and fragrant. After sucking, the dryness and bitterness of the mouth and throat are reduced, and the mouth and throat are smooth and comfortable.

Jiaoxiang type: It has a very concentrated caramel scent, which has a strong synergistic effect on the original sweetness and sweetness of various foods. Suitable for meat products, roast meat, canned food, condiments, sweets, biscuits, bread, chocolate, cocoa products, cereals, betel nuts, preserved fruit products and various feeds. Especially added to a variety of meat products, can play with the amino acids in the meat, significantly improve the meat flavor. Therefore, today''''s restaurant restaurants are becoming more and more widely used.

Ethyl maltol is a synergist for sweet and umami taste, but the dosage is small, but the effect is very remarkable. The general addition amount is from 0.1 ‰ to 0.2 ,, and sometimes only a few PPMs are effective.

Specific ethyl maltol dosage and solubility reference

First, dissolution reference:

One gram of ethyl maltol is soluble in about 55 liters of water, 10 milliliters of 95% ethanol, 17 milliliters of propylene glycol or 5 milliliters of chloroform.

Second, Suggested Dosage: g / 100 kg

Soft drinks and fruit drinks 1-5

Fruit style soda water 0.2-1

Dairy 1-4

Cocoadrink 0.5-1

Ice-cream,cake 3-5

Biscuit, bread, oatmeal 7.5-15

Candy 3-10

Betelnut 10-60

Meatpocess, cannedfood 10-50

Tamatosoftdrink ( sauce, soup ) 10-35

Seasoning 5-30

Soysauce 1.5-2

Wine ( miller, spirit, fruit, grape ) 1-2.5

Cigarette 10-50

Cosmetic 2-7

Others 1-50