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Product name:

3-[2-(Ethylhexyl)oxyl]-1,2-propandiol CAS 70445-33-9

Chemical Name: 3-[2-(Ethylhexyl)oxyl]-1,2-propandiol
CAS No.: 70445-33-9
Molecular Fomula: C11H24O3
Molecular Weight: 204.30646
Assay: 99%min

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3-[2-(Ethylhexyl)oxyl]-1,2-propandiol CAS 70445-33-9 Details

Chemical Name: 3-[2-(Ethylhexyl)oxyl]-1,2-propandiol

CAS No.: 70445-33-9
Molecular Fomula: C11H24O3
Molecular Weight: 204.30646
Assay: 99%min

3-[2-(Ethylhexyl)oxyl]-1,2-propandiol CAS 70445-33-9 Usage:

Ethylhexylglycerol is a widely used antiseptic synergist that has a moisturizing effect and imparts a pleasant skin feel to the formula. It can greatly improve the broad spectrum of many traditional preservatives such as phenoxyethanol. Ethylhexyl glycerol makes the preservative system more effective and faster by reducing the surface tension of the microbial cell wall and reducing the activity of the bacteria.

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