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Products Name:

1-acetyl-2- phenylhydrazine CAS 114-83-0

Chemical Name: 1-acetyl-2- phenylhydrazine

CAS No.: 114-83-0

Molecular Formula: C8H10N2O

Molecular weight: 150.18

Appearance: White to off-white needle crystal

Assay: 99%

  • Products Description
1-acetyl-2- phenylhydrazine quick Details:
Chemical Name: 1-acetyl-2- phenylhydrazine
CAS No.: 114-83-0
Molecular Formula: C8H10N2O
Chemical Structure:1-acetyl-2- phenylhydrazine Structure
Molecular weight: 150.18
Appearance: White to off-white needle crystal
Assay: 99%

1-acetyl-2- phenylhydrazine typical Properties

Item Standard
Appearance White to off-white needle crystal
M.P 127-132℃  
Assay  99%(min)  
Loss on drying  <0.5% 
1-acetyl-2- phenylhydrazine Usage:
Organic chemical intermediate stabilizers are widely used in medicine, pesticides, chemical industry and other fields.

1-acetyl-2- phenylhydrazine Packaging and Shipping:
Packing:25kg /drum
Delivery:By Express, by sea,by air.
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