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Indole CAS 120-72-9

Chemical Name: Indole
CAS No.:  120-72-9
Molecular Fomula:  C8H7N
Molecular Weight: 117.15
Appearance: White to slightly pink powder
Assay: 98%min

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Indole  CAS 120-72-9 Details:
Chemical Name: 
Chemical Name: Indole
CAS No.: 120-72-9
Molecular Fomula: C8H7N
Molecular Weight: 117.15
Appearance: White to slightly pink powder
Assay: 98%min

Indole  CAS 120-72-9 Usage:

Bismuth is an important organic raw material and fine chemical product. Its homologues and derivatives are widely found in nature, mainly in natural flower oils such as jasmine, sweet orange, white lemon, pomelo, citrus, and bitter orange flower. , daffodils, fragrant orchids, etc. Can be widely used in the manufacture of jasmine, lilac, orange blossom, medlar, honeysuckle, lotus, daffodil, ylang-ylang, grass orchid, white orchid and other floral flavors. It is also often used in combination with methyl hydrazine to formulate artificial civet fragrance. It can be used in the flavors of chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, bitter orange, coffee, nuts, cheese, grape and fruity compound.

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