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Products Name:

Diphenylacetonitrile CAS 86-29-3

Chemical Name: Diphenylacetonitrile 
CAS No.: 86-29-3​
Molecular Fomula: C14H11N​
Molecular Weight: 193.24​
Appearance:  White to creamy or faint yellow Crystalline Powder​
Assay: 98%min

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Diphenylacetonitrile CAS 86-29-3 Details:

Chemical Name: Diphenylacetonitrile 

CAS No.: 86-29-3
Molecular Fomula: C14H11N
Molecular Weight: 193.24
Appearance:  White to creamy or faint yellow Crystalline Powder
Assay: 98%min

Diphenylacetonitrile CAS 86-29-3  Usage:

1. Can be used as a herbicide, used in turf for controlling grasses before buds
2. For the synthesis of isocyanates, further prepared into UV coatings, PU lacquers, transparent elastomers and adhesives, etc., in addition, also used in the polyamide and epoxy resin industry
3. Used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. In medicine, it is used to produce drugs such as gastric amine, phenethylpiperidine, and pain.

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